Yet Tuh – Doraville, GA

Yet Tuh came to my mind as we headed up Buford Highway on a Saturday afternoon.  I had read a review about them in Atlanta Magazine, recently, which (basically) said that a meal at Yet Tuh is like Sunday lunch at your grandma’s house – provided that your grandma is Korean and can cook.   They are located on the back side of a strip mall, on the lower level, at the corner of Oak Cliff Road and Buford Highway.  It isn’t the easiest place to find and it is a very small space – maybe seating forty.   

There was only one server, so things were slow.  And to say the menu was a challenge would be an understatement.  We ordered two entrees (plus) and were started with a table full of ban chan – appetizers.  We did not figure out what almost half of them were, but here goes on the rest:

From top left – I don’t know, ??, a tofu pancake, cold noodles, ??, slaw, dried pork. kimchee and pickled eggs.  The best of these were the tofu pancakes, the pickled eggs and the dried pork.  We ordered a noodle dish to start which was (unexpectedly) cold, kind of spicy and fairly good.  

I ordered bibimbap, and the server asked me if I wanted the hot stone bibimbap.  I had to ask the difference and was told that the hot stone version was served hot as opposed to cold.  I went for the warm version.  

If you aren’t familiar with bibimbap, it is, literally “mixed rice”.  Simply put, it’s a bowl of white rice, topped with sautéed vegetables, chili pepper paste, soy sauce or soy bean paste and (most often) meat, then topped with a fried egg.   The idea is that you’re to mix it together thoroughly – almost into a giant rice ball, with all the “stuff” sticking out of it.   My beloved went with the fish,


which was listed on the menu as “grilled” mackerel, but it was definitely flayed and fried.  The fish was fantastic – delicate and perfectly fried.  We’d go back for the fish and the tofu pancake.  

Yet Tuh Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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