The Earl – Atlanta, GA

On this Saturday, heading across the city, I was craving a burger.  We had not been to the Earl, in close to ten years,.  In fact, we had not been since the WSJ article that proclaimed the glory of Atlanta burgers, crowning the Ghetto Burger at Ann’s Snack Bar the best in the country.  Our destination was set. 


This is a bar, in the truest sense of the world.  The centerpiece is the bar, which encompass one end.  The interior is awesomely funky. 


And uniquely eclectic.   And it is the only place I’ve been to eat, recently, that had an ash tray on every table. 


An ashtray that had recently been used.   And, unlike the cigarette machine at the Mercury, which is purely for 60s vibe (and dispenses $5.00 pieces of art) this is a real live working cigarette machine.

Going early is key, if you want to get ahead of the smokers (always one of my dining goals).   We arrived about 25 minutes after they opened and no one was lighting up, yet.  My beloved ordered their Blue Bacon Burger. 


An eight ounce, 100% black angus burger (the EARL), topped with mushrooms, bleu cheese and bacon, with skinny fries.  The bacon, which she shared, was thick cut and crispy – just like I like it.  She devoured this burger, proclaiming it excellent.  I ordered the El Diablo. 

The same basic EARL burger, topped with chili, jalapeños, roasted poblanos and pepperjack cheese, with tater tots.  I can’t refuse tots.   This burger was right at the edge of “too” hot, without crossing the line.  It was wonderful. About three quarters of the way through our food, a table of smokers came in, so we ate the rest quickly and hit the road.  

A great way to start the day. 

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