The Stand – Phoenix, AZ

Coming into Arizona from the east coast during the 8 months or so when they’re on Pacific time, always makes eating a challenge.  By the time we landed, got a car and were on the road, it was both time for dinner (6:30 locally) and time for bed (9:30 at home).  I made the executive decision that we’d eat as “fast” as possible, consulted my list and ended up at the Stand, in the Arcadia neighborhood.  

They do both sit-down (seating for around 30, both inside and outside) and drive-thru service with everything made to order.   The menu is very simple – one burger, with add on options, three sides and three tacos.  That’s it.  

My beloved chose two of the tacos – short rib on the left and mixed vegetables on the right – both with the hot salsa (they also had mild and pico de gallo).  

The tacos are doubled five inch white corn tortillas.  The fresh seasonal vegetable one has quinoa  and black bean, pickled red cabbage, pickled red onion and fresh cilantro.  The braised short rib one has pickled red cabbage, cotija y queso fresco and diced white onion. And she also had a glass of the peach lemonade.  Did I mention the drinks?  Fountain Coke products, Mexican bottled soft drinks, house-made aguas frescas, and fresh-fruit flavored fresh-squeezed lemonade.  And shakes, including their salted dulce de luche.

As tasty as the tacos were, and they were very good, this lemonade was even better.  The aguas frescas  (I had a horchata) are excellent.  I had a taco as well, but being the pickier eater, I held the cabbage and onion and had a excellent short rib and cheese taco, with the thick hot salsa.  Along with my taco, I ordered a Standard burger.  (This burger was named the best of Phoenix in 2015, by the Phoenix New Times.)

The burger is simple – double beef patties (seared well), crisp leaf lettuce, fresh sliced tomato, fresh sliced onion, kosher dill pickles and homemade stand sauce.  I added cheese and bacon (bacon makes everything better, dontchaknow) and held the pickles and onions.  The burgers are ground fresh in-house daily, and while resembling an In-N-Out double-double, elevate it to more than a copy – more of a fresh-made homage.  Excellent burger and excellent tacos add up to an excellent start to a road trip.

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