Short Leash Dogs: Sit… Stay – Phoenix, AZ

One of my guides for food in Phoenix on this trip, was this article from – the 12 Essential Restaurants in Phoenix.  And it led me to a hot dog place, which arose from a food truck, for lunch – Short Leash Dogs.  The tag line is “Become a Naan Believer”.  I love a good pun and this one  is up there – each dog is served wrapped in a hot naan.   

Growing up we didn’t eat many hot dogs – the 4th of July was an exception.   My dad didn’t believe hot dogs were real food.  In fact, to this day, he won’t say a blessing over a hot dog.  He’s a funny man.  Oddly, I adore chili dogs and will search one out, given the chance. 

After talking with the server about choices (she recommended the Bear – a dog with peanut butter), I chose, instead, the Mac Daddy.  From their own description: “rich, creamy three cheese mac-and-cheese, topped with vegetable chili, served on naan with a beef weiner”.

I added a side of fries and a bottled root beer, sat at the bar and waited about ten minutes. 

The mac-n-cheese was tasty, and the first of three in a couple of weeks span made with long spiral macarona.  The vegetable chili was incredibly hearty to be “meatless” and had me looking for a fork.  This dog was messy!  

They also have a doughnut place next door to the Sit…Stay location – Rollover Doughnuts.  They are dogged in their pursuit of puns.  In an odd turn, Short Leash, is just down the road from Matt’s Big Breakfast, where we had breakfast the day before.  

Short Leash Sit...Stay Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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