George’s Bar & Grill (World Famous Burgers and Insults) – Cathedral City, CA

An unusual blog post in that we ended up not eating here:

I found George’s Bar & Grill (World Famous Burgers & Insults) on the Hamburger America app, as we rolled into Palm Springs.  It was 4:45 and the app said they closed at 5:30, so we drove eastward.  I should have taken it as a sign when we arrived at 4:55 to find the “Closed” sign up and a note on the door that they were observing summer hours (11:00-3:00).

We had just eaten breakfast a couple of hours before, but dogged, in my pursuit of a burger, we showed up on Friday at 11:30, to split a cheeseburger. The (sole) waitress was not thrilled with that idea, but, grudgingly, took our order.  My beloved was purely honoring my hobby, at this point.  It was already 100 degrees outside and there was no apparent AC in this place.  There weren’t a lot of folks there when we arrived and I only recall hearing one order after we sat down.

Thirty five minutes later, after using my drink to cool off my forehead, I’d had enough.  I walked up to the counter and asked how much for the drinks – that I wasn’t going to wait any longer. The waitress pointed out that my burger was ready, it was just waiting on fries.  It had been sitting there for several minutes.  With other burgers.  I explained I wasn’t interested and wanted to pay for the drinks and leave. She went to talk to the cook (George’s son, as I understand from the HA synposis).

“I don’t give a %}#|^ how long he’s had to wait, he’s paying for the burger.”

So, I gave her $15.93 for a Diet Coke and the worst glass of iced tea since the dawn of creation and walked out.

On the bright side, while I didn’t have a burger, at least I got insulted…
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  1. I’ve never understood why people enjoy (and pay for it) being insulted by people they’re doing business with. We had a gruff guy here in Dallas who ran a burger joint called Goff’s and he was famous for being a donkey. I wouldn’t go.

    1. I appreciate surly – it may be the person’s nature. Rude is a whole different matter.

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