Biscuit Love – Nashville, TN

On a Saturday trip to Nashville, we spent the morning at the flea market (one of the best in the South and worth the trip, IMO) and were looking for lunch.  I had one particular place in mind and found a parking place right across the street.  Only to find a line of 45-50 people on the sidewalk, waiting to get in.  That wasn’t going to work (it was 2:30 Atlanta time and had been a LONG time since breakfast), so I decided that we would try Biscuit Love, in the Gulch.  We parked across the street and were heading towards the door when we saw 60-80 people in line, on the sidewalk.  Not again! 

Never mind – they were all lined up to take their photo in front of a chalk drawing of angel wings that were 10-12 feet high.  We passed by that, and waited outside the restaurant itself for about ten minutes.

Starting as a food truck in 2012, it evolved into a brick and mortar location in 2015 (a second location has opened since and a third is in the works).  Following the lead of the food truck model, this is a walk-in and order, then take a table kind of place and our delay was with having a spot to sit, not speed of service.  The menu is fairly simple and we arrived near the end of their day (they’re open every day from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm), but were at the table less than ten minutes before we got our food.  Focusing on sourcing the best quality ingredients, they use two of my favorites – Benton’s ham and Nueske’s bacon.

We started with John’s Ham Bar – a sampler of local ham and local cheese with biscuit wafers.  My bride ordered the Wash Park –

a biscuit, with 2 beef burger patties, pimento cheese, bacon jam and a fried egg.  The pimento cheese was excellent and the burgers were griddled perfectly, with crispy edges.  I chose the East Nasty – a chicken biscuit with sausage gravy.  

The gravy was good without too many herbs (people tend to get wild with gravy these days) and the sausage was spicy without being too hot.  The fried chicken had a crisp skin and was tender and moist.  In fact, the tip that took us to Biscuit Love actually came from a Garden ‘N Gun article about the best fried chicken in the South, in a reference from the chef at Acre, in Auburn, Alabama.

But here’s the crazy thing – neither of us was crazy about the biscuits.  For a place with “biscuit love” as the name, maybe bar was set too high.  They weren’t bad biscuits, but I’ve had better, on many occasions.

Biscuit Love Brunch Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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