Duck’s Trolly – Manchester, GA

While camping in Pine Mountain with some friends, we were out roaming through all the stores in the surrounding towns.  While checking out the Meriwether County visitor center in Warm Springs, I heard someone ask the guide about Duck’s Trolly, in Manchester. “Best burger around,” was the reply.  That did it for me.  When discussions of “where do we lunch?” came about among our group, the drive to Manchester was my suggestion.

We arrived a little later than the lunch crowd, but there were still plenty of trucks in the surrounding street parking.  Walking in the side door, we approached the service window and looked at the

menu board.  It was a little overwhelming, and my wife

asked the guy standing in front of us if he’d eaten here before.  “Only six or seven times.  A week,” followed by a grin.  We could see them measuring the ground beef for the half-pounder, through the glass.

I knew I’d be having a burger, based on the recommendation, but I also ordered a scramble dog.  If you aren’t familiar with scramble dogs, I believe that they originated at Dinglewood Pharmacy in Columbus.  It’s a hot dog, chopped up, served on a whole bun, smothered in chili.  And it can be topped with cheese and onions.

Think Beanie-Weenies on a bun.  When it arrived, you could barely see the bun and that portended well.  The chili wasn’t hot spicy, but there was plenty of flavor.  But there was almost too much chili.  I also ordered a deluxe burger, with tater tots.

The burger was very West Coast style, served in wax paper. The burger to bun ratio was right on target and the American cheese was holding the top of bun to the burger – I love when the cheese acts like glue.  Was it the best burger I’ve ever eaten?  Absolutely not, but it was a mighty fine burger on a beautiful afternoon, eaten with friends.  And a side of tots.
Duck's Trolley Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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