Yum’s II – Washington, DC

Tonight’s first dinner comes to you courtesy of an article from the July 2011 issue Travel and Leisure, called “The United States of Deliciousness”.  In it, the chef at Beef & Barley raved about the Philly cheesesteak at Yum’s II.  He said it was the best cheesesteak, outside of Philly.  Challenge accepted.

In town for a conference, I walked up 14th Street, until I arrived at Yum’s.  To find it is carry-out only.  Dinner plans spoiled, but all plans not foiled, I decided on a sandwich to go and to try somewhere else, afterward.

I had been warned to order a “steak with cheese”, and not a “cheese steak”, so not to accidentally end up with cheese STICKS.  I ordered a half sandwich and waited about five minutes.  The young lady at the counter announced steak and cheese and I picked up my sandwich and started down the street.  Halfway down the next block, I opened the paper wrapper to find the aluminum foil wrapped sandwich half inside.  Peeling it back, I was confronted with flakes of beef and bits of cheese falling out.

It was a good cheesesteak – not as good as those in Philly, and probably not quite as good as I’ve had elsewhere.  But it was a nice walk and a nice snack.

Yums II Carryout Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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