Hattie B’s – Atlanta, GA

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that I love hot chicken. If you haven’t – I do love hot chicken. We’ve been (not so) patiently waiting for Hattie B’s to open for months – along, apparently, with a lot of other Atlantans.  Earlier this month, the wait ended. In fact, we tried to eat there two weeks ago. We got there about 4:15 on a Sunday and were surprised at the small line. Jackpot! Then we found that they closed at 4:00 on Sunday…

On this 90 degree Sunday, we met our dining companions around 2:30 and the line was out the front door and wrapped around the end of the porch.  Ever the entrepreneurs, the King of Pops was present, at the turn of the line, selling popsicles to those waiting.  Brilliant move.

The good news about the line is that once you’re inside, you’re ready to order – there’s room for no more than 4-6 between the doors and counter.  The picture below is just inside the door, and you can see how close you are to the line to order.  The menu is simple, with the special Sunday addition of chicken and waffles.

We sat at a table close to the door and met Bob.  This is Bob’s elbow.   

We didn’t intend to meet him – he had ordered carry-out and didn’t understand the concept of personal space.  By the time of this photo, I moved out of the seat where his elbow is in this picture – he was standing up against me, while I sat there.  Note to future carry-out customers – you might want to not stand and lean on the table of people who are actually eating their meals…

The other three ordered chicken tenders in various degrees of heat (they ranged between Southern (1) – no heat – to medium (3)).  But it was Sunday, so I ordered the chicken and waffles.  This was a good move as, while we waited for our food (about 25 minutes after ordering and 45 minutes of waiting in line) they sold out of chicken and waffles.  And they were also sold out of the chicken sandwich on that day, too.

My chicken was “damn not (number 5 of 6 – I’ve had the 6 and it really is too hot).  It is as good as the Nashville location, which makes it the best hot chicken in Atlanta.  There was just enough sweet in the waffle to temper the heat of the chicken.  Usually chicken and waffles is sweet and savory – this was sweet and heat.  I think that I like this combination better.

I ordered sides of pimento mac-n-cheese and the (daily special) jalapeno cheese grits.  They took two things that I like (mac-n-cheese and cheese grits) and added two other things that I like to them (pimento cheese and jalapenos).  And they improved on both. 

Welcome, Hattie B.  Thanks for adding Atlanta to your expansion, after Birmingham and Memphis.  We’re glad you’re here.

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