Burn Co Barbecue – Jenks, OK

One of the fellows that I have worked with for years suggested Burn Company Barbecue as a spot that we had to stop when we were near Tulsa. There is a downtown location and one in Jenks, on the Riverwalk. Only the Jenks location was open on Sunday, so the choice was made for us. We parked the trailer out back and wandered around to the front entrance, about half an hour after they opened, but before the lunch crowd.

There were plenty of meat options, not including the to-go shelves from their meat market, so we contemplated. They actually gave us a couple of ribs to munch on, while we decided and waited.

The ribs, when we got to the table and ate them, had a great smoke ring and just the right amount of “pull” when you bit into them. The Sunday dinner special was the ‘Family Plate”. Here’s ours – a platter slap-full of chopped pork, chopped beef, polish sausage, jalapeno cheddar sausage, ribs, a Fatty and bologna, with a side of grilled potato salad. 

Hello bologna, hiding under the ribs!

You can see the bark on the ribs, and in the smoked meats, in this view:

And, here’s the shocker, this massive plate of meat was $30.00, with two sides. As to the meats, they are unique in that they are all cooked on Tulsa-made Hasty Bake Charcoal Ovens. Unlike a traditional smoker, these locally made ovens allow you to smoke, grill and bake on the same grill (for lack of a better term) which reduces cooking time from traditional low no slow cooking. The chopped brisket, pork and ribs all had a good bark and nice smoke flavor and ring, that I didn’t know you could gain with the shorter cooking times of the Hasty Bake.

Burn Co. also makes all their own sausages and cures their own meats.  Each location also has a meat market – they had a great looking bacon-wrapped venison sausage in the meat case as we walked out.  I could see this place becoming a regular stop for meats to cook at home, if I was a local.

One thing unique to Burn Company is the Fatty – you can see in the diagram below how it is made:

and then the actual Fatty below:

it was interesting. I think the concept is great, but I preferred the traditional links.

Oh, and there were some veggies. The grilled potato salad and there was slaw….

We had enough food left to have leftovers for dinner. It was a great meal and a great value with that Sunday special. If I had to choose one or two meats, I’d go with the pulled pork and one of the sausages.

Note that the spoonback below is for the Tulsa location, as I couldn’t find a Zomato link for the Jenks Riverwalk location

Burn Co Barbeque Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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