Smitty’s Lockdown BBQ – Marietta, GA

After a little shopping in Marietta, we had time for lunch before we had to be downtown.  I had seen Smitty’s Lockdown BBQ, the last few times we had been on this part of Canton Rd. Today, we had time to stop in and arrived in time for lunch.

Open since late 2016, I had to read the website to find the inspiration for the jail motif, but it involves a pig stealing his grandmother’s sauce recipes from inside a bank vault…

We chose a table that wasn’t in the vault area.   We grabbed a table and I went to pick up a couple of sauces.   I didn’t realize the selection would be this broad.

You may or not be able to tell from this photo, but there are at least 12 sauces.  And one of the servers told me that had two more in development.  My bride chose a deconstructed barbecue baked potato, with brisket.

The brisket was tender, moist and had a good smokiness to it.  And it was a generous portion.  She favored the mustard based and vinegar based sauces.  They had a coffee sauce, but she wasn’t a fan – I don’t care much for coffee, so I declined to try it.  I ordered a combo plate:

ribs, pulled pork, mac ‘n cheese and sweet potato fries.  The pulled pork was good and smoky and the ribs were fairly meaty, with a good tug when you pulled the meat off the rib bone.  The sweet potato fries were fresh and crispy and the mac ‘ cheese, though not extraordinary, was better than average.  I was a fan of the vinegar-based sauce.   And the mango habanero sauce, which has the right amount of “kick”.

I would definitely go back, if I was in the area.


  1. bcmoseley · · Reply

    Let’s have lunch next time You’re in town. Plan to be here on a Thursday or Friday.

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    1. Will do. Should be back in Dallas in February.

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