The Peach and the Porkchop – Roswell, GA

Somewhere over the last several months, someone told me that I ought to add the Peach and the Porkchop to my list.  We were heading back toward Atlanta from Dawsonville and lunch time was approaching.  I consulted the list and remembered this place.  We arrived about 1:30 and it was still fairly full of folks finishing lunch.  We were seated in the big room, at a two-top by the front window and dug into the menu. They were still serving brunch, as it was Saturday, along with everything on the menu (starters, salads, Northern-style sandwiches and burgers) except the entrees.  

While I was tempted by the “Ultimate All In One” monster breakfast of two XXXXL pancakes, a pound of sausage, a pound of bacon, a huge amount of eggs, potatoes and cheese, I chose to refrain for three reasons:

1 – I had not provided the requisite twenty-four hours notice; and

2 – I wasn’t that hungry; and

3 – it was $125.00.

We started with five of their wings, in their medium-hot sweet-tea barbecue sauce.  They were jumbo wings and very meaty.  The sauce has a great flavor to it, but it didn’t go beyond the batter and skin.  The chicken had very little flavor, except of chicken.  And chicken tastes like, well, chicken. 

My beloved ordered from the brunch page of the menu – chicken and waffles, with apple compote.  Shortly after dropping off our meal, the server returned with warm maple syrup.  That was a win.  The waffles were good and the chicken (boneless) was fried well, but it had the same problem as the wings – it had no seasoning, nor flavoring or much of anything else.

I went with the “Big Bologna” sandwich, sans the caramelized onions. This was a massive Kaiser roll, topped with stacks of Patak (the Marietta butchery) beef bologna, provolone cheese and Jason’s Alabama Brothers barbecue sauce and I upgraded the potato chips to sweet potato fries.  The sweet potato fries were thick cut – and that made all the difference.

Many times, when you get sweet potato fries, they are thin-cut, which makes them good and crispy.  But those fries don’t have a massive amount of sweet potato taste. These thick-cut fries had a crispy outside and a creamy sweet potato inside (almost like a soufflé). The sandwich was very meaty, extremely juicy and packed with all the flavor the chicken was missing.

Peach & the Porkchop Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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