NFA Burger (was Bobby’s Burgers) – Dunwoody, GA

So, one day you’re just rolling along with your food blog, then there’s a pandemic and all of the restaurants close and you don’t have anything to write about….

So you keep an eye on the restaurant openings and closing, mostly closings, to see what’s going on the community. One day, I saw a write up, somewhere, about NFA Burger opening up in a Chevron in Dunwoody (closed Sunday and Monday, 11-3 Tuesday and Wednesday, 11-7:30 Thursday – Saturday).

Then I remembered Bobby’s Burgers, which had lived for a while inside Gallo’s on PIB as a pop-up, Thursday – Saturday – and which a friend and I had visited in December of 2019.  Here’s the start of my never completed write-up:

Here’s the scoop – between 11:30 – 3:00, Thursday – Sunday, NFA Burger appears inside the Galla’s Pizza on Peachtree Road in Chamblee. For reference, south of Lowe’s, north of the Brick Pit. 

Sadly, we went to meet our kids there for lunch one Saturday and the pop-up had ceased.  But I remembered it being a good burger.

The burger and tots at Bobby’s Burgers, inside Gallo’s.

Same burger, different location. So one day at lunch, off to the Chevron I went, for lunch.

Like Jerry’s Gourmet Burgers, in Villa Rica, which is in a grocery store parking lot, they don’t sell drinks.  I imagine there is some kind of business conflict and there’s a condition in the lease which keeps that drink revenue in the convenience store.

I chose the Classic, in a double – two 2.75 oz Certified Angus Beef patties, Mt. Olive pickles (held, as always), American cheese, French’s mustard and “Sassy Sauce” on a Martin’s Potato Roll.

The AJC named this the best burger of 2020 and I’ll agree it’s a mighty fine burger.  You have to admire a place that has this strong of an opinion about ketchup:

We’ll put ketchup on any sandwich for $1 million…we’ll put it on the side for free!.”

With a side of tater tots – deep-fried in a canola oil / beef tallow mix served with Sassy Sauce on the side (Sassy Sauce is like Russian dressing).  These were crispy and hot. 

and their FFO – a FANTAstic Frosted Orange. Like a frosted orange from the Varsity, but made with Fanta orange

There were picnic tables in the parking lot, but it was chilly and I was alone, so I ate in the car.  Really solid burger.  And fairly reasonable. 

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