Chattahoochee Food Works – Atlanta, GA (Quick Bite)

In these pandemic times, for all of us, the world has changed. We still eat three meals a day, but for the last eighteen months very few of them have been “out”, particularly at a new restaurant.

On this fall Saturday, we made an outing to IKEA. Since we were already hazarding the universe at large, I suggested that we try the food hall at Chattahoochee Food Works. This would give us a chance to try something new without: a) being packed into a restaurant; b) eating in the car or c) carrying it home. The hall at the Works opened in April of this year and stalls have been opening one-by-one. Right now, they’re around 70% up and running.

I decided to try the Philly cheese at Philly G Steaks.

The choices are straight forward – either a ribeye or chicken sandwich with your choice of American, provolone, Cheese Whiz, mushrooms, peppers and onions. I went with a classic ribeye with whiz, paid the man and returned in about 15 minutes. The steak was very finely chopped and the cheese whiz had been kept so hot on the back of the griddle it was very then. The bottom of the roll didn’t hold up to the moisture, so this was a knife and fork sandwich. Were I to try one again, I’d go for one of the other cheeses.

After weighing all the options, my beloved decided on pizza, from Pomodoro Bella. They had several pre-designed options, as well as build your own choices. These are quick-fired brick oven pizzas.

She decided on the fig and pear with capicola, arugula and mozzarella.

Fifteen minutes later they called our number and we took our box to one of the tables in the concourse of the Works itself. I don’t know that I would have ever thought to combine these ingredients, but they were deftly balanced. The sweetness of the pear and fig was brought down by the spicy salami and bitter greens. A really excellent pizza.

Many of the other food options looked worth exploring, particularly the ramen and Thai places. There is also an outpost of Fox Brothers Barbecue in a building outside the food hall. Please note MANY of these restaurants are cashless. I’m a grouchy old man and that kind of thing ticks me off, when I don’t know in advance, so you’ve been warned.

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