Chauhan Ale & Masala House (Thanksgiving Edition) – Nashville, TN

As Thanksgiving got closer and closer, we realized that we would not have any kids home for the holiday and we had no other obligations, sSo we left town. We remembered hearing on the Biscuits and Jam podcast (from Southern Living, a podcast which I highly recommend) episode with Maneet Chauhan that her Chauhan Masala & Ale House did a special Thanksgiving meal , so I checked on-line for a reservation. Off to Nashville we headed, where we had an early dinner reservation at 5:45.  

We talked with our server and she said that the thali was big enough to share, but we might want to order an appetizer. She suggested two – a whipped paneer, on which  passed, and the chicken tandoori poutin, that we opted for.

How can you go wrong with french fries, topped with chicken tandoori (as gravy) and cheese?  You can’t.  And we emptied the frying pan.  And then came the thali:

In the center, the star of the plate – turkey tikki masala
From 12 o clock. moving clock-wise:

  • Sweet potato raita
  • Corn channa daal
  • Green bean poriyal
  • Papadum (I’d re-brand this papaYUMM)
  • Chestnut naan
  • Vegetable pulao
  • Pickled mango
  • Cranberry panch puran chutney and
  • Bread pudding

How was it?

We were convinced when that big round plate showed up, there was way too much food and we’d never finish it.  Boy, were we wrong.  The green beans were a little spicy for one of us and onion-y, for the other, but we demolished the rest of the plate.  Had there been more bread pudding, we would have ordered it, too.  And licked that plate  What an inventive, different, take on Thanksgiving dinner!

Chauhan Ale & Masala House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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