How Crispy Express – Atlanta

After the grouper sandwich search found at FishMonger, the next sandwich on the list was from How Crispy Express. This former pop up, now in a storefront in Summerhill is just across the patio from Wood’s Chapel. I’ve seen the signage several times but never gone in. I’ve also browsed the menu on-line, several times, and thought “that would be a good choice for another day.” Looking for dinner tonight, this seemed like the perfect chance to give their southern fried chicken sandwich a try. Why tonight? Well, they advertise at the TOP of their menu “We Use Dark Meat” and I knew that would be a deal breaker for my beloved. But I was dining solo, so…

I rolled up, just past 6:00 pm and was afraid they were closed, looking in the windows. But as I got closer I saw there were folks behind the counter and that I still had an hour, so I stepped in from the cold. The center piece of their menu is the Classic – their version of a certain famous Atlanta-based chain’s signature sandwich.

The counter area (and front half of the restaurant)

I considered the Classic and was also tempted by the Lemon Pepper Wet (which seems to encapsulate much of Atlanta in one sandwich). Instead, I opted for one of the monthly specials – General Craig’s Sammy, with Craiggy Glaze (a General Tso’s style sauce), sesame seeds, chili crisp slaw and a lime mayo. I also added a side of the yuca fries.

You can’t tell from the photo, but this was a six-napkin-plus-a-wet-nap sandwich. It gushed mayo with every bite. The yuca fries, which were cut like steak fries and were the perfect combination of crispy exterior and melt in your mouth interior, went very well with the smoky lime mayo. The chicken thigh is doubly-fried to add the “crispy” in their name and it left a batter/skin that did fall off the sandwich as I got toward the end. I will try the Classic, at some point (I even considered getting one “to-go”, but that felt a little gluttonous.)

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