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Yuka Roll & Pho – Suwanee, GA

Yet another day of dining alone at lunch led me to Yuka Roll & Pho in Suwannee.  I had eaten in the Thai restaurant at the other end of this plaza, but had never been to Roll & Pho.  When I walked in, I was greeted by the two chefs behind the sushi bar (which […]

Uptown Grille – Suwanee, GA

When I walked into the Uptown Grille at 12 o’clock on a Thursday and there was no one else there, it wasn’t the best sign. I actually questioned if they were open, but there were a couple of people sitting at a table outside drinking beers. The bartender asked if she could help me (which […]

Burger 21 – Buford, GA

Burger 21 had been mentioned to me by several different folks – one day I even found a newspaper article about it in my inbox when I got to the office – over the last couple of weeks, but no one had been there yet.  Today I went to see what they were talking about.  […]

Rico’s World Kitchen – Buford, GA

A couple of weeks back we were having dinner with my daughter and her boyfriend and talking about food.  What else would we discuss while we were eating?  He mentioned this place in downtown Buford, Rico’s World Kitchen, and asked me if I had ever been.  I had not.  Intrigued at the idea of a […]

Umaido – Suwanee, GA

In last year’s Spring Dining Guide in the AJC, Umaido was listed.  That was the first and only mention I had seen of it in the last couple of years, but they were still on one of my “lists”.  Looking for adventure on a Friday we ended up heading in that direction.  Just getting to […]

Moonie’s Texas Barbecue – Flowery Branch, GA

Summertime at the office is kind of slow, and as my usual lunch crowd was all gone, today was a day for adventure.   “Crowd” is likely a strong word, as there are never more than three of us.  And three’s not a crowd, unless you’re on a date, or in a sports car or __________ […]

Dillard’s Barbecue and Biscuits – Suwanee, GA

Some day I’m going to learn to pay attention to obvious signs.  I always tell my kids (and co-workers and anyone that asks) that a parking lot full of pickups is a sign that a place has good food.  The laws of logic insist that the adverse must also be true. Sign one: When I […]