Co’m Vietnamese Grill 

I’ve been meaning to eat at Co’m Vietnamese Grill for quite a while.  We had even been in one night for dinner while my beloved was doing the whole thirty and couldn’t find any dishes that weren’t rice or noodle based, so we went elsewhere.   When a cohort wanted to meet for lunch near the perimeter, I made the suggestion.  The original, here, is in a strip mall, behind a gas station and sits between a pho shop and a place that sells tortas.  They have a second location in Dunwoody that is much more “upscale”.

Every cuisine, for me, has a litmus test dish that I order on my first visit to a restaurant.  For Vietnamese, it is com bo luc lac – shaking beef.  

Shaking beef refers to the way it is shaken in the wok when cooked.  The beef is seared (it can be any cut – from tri-tip to tenderloin), then mixed with vegetables, herbs and sauce and shaken around the wok or pan.  It is generally served with rice, salt and pepper, mixed in a small dipping bowl and sliced lime.   At Co’m, the dish is spiced well and flavorful without being hot.  We both clean our odd-shaped plates (although I left a small stack of vegetables).  It passed my test.  We will have to plan a return visit and explore more of the menu. 

Co'M Vietnamese Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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