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Kimball House – Decatur, GA

Kimball House had been on my short list for many months before Southern Living named it the best new restaurant in the South in August of 2014.  Since they don’t take reservations, I knew that getting a table would be even more of a challenge after the article came out.  For our anniversary, as a […]

Victory Sandwich Bar – Decatur, GA

I don’t remember where I first heard of Victory Sandwich Bar (possibly the Eater 38), but when we were looking for lunch heading from the southeast quadrant of 285 to downtown, Decatur seemed like a convenient stop.  We headed into downtown Decatur, found a place on the street to park and walked into a nearly […]

Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee – Decatur, GA

Revolution Doughnuts and Coffee just turned two on National Doughnut Day, according to the “Happy Second Birthday to Us” banner in the restaurant, and we just made it there?  Seriously?  One of my buddies has been talking about them for months.  Maybe more than a year, but we never seemed to be in Decatur before […]

Sun In My Belly – Decatur, GA

Looking for a dinner choice for Friday night, it really boiled down to the confluence of the answers to two questions: 1) What sounds good?; and 2) Where can we get a reservation?  When I saw Sun In My Belly appear as a choice on OpenTable, I clicked on the first time slot that we […]

Burnt Fork BBQ – Decatur, GA – CLOSED

THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED. I had eaten at Burnt Fork BBQ previously, a couple of years ago with some friends, but never got around to posting a review.  Tonight, when heading towards Decatur (originally with another destination in mind, but being delayed by traffic) I realized where I was and ran in to grab some […]

Pallookaville Fine Foods – Avondale Estates, GA

I’ll have to confess that when I told my wife we were going to a place for dinner that specialized in corndogs, I had a bit of a hard sell. And when I called another couple and said, “hey, y’all want to join us for dinner?  We’re going to get some corndogs”, the question was […]

Big Tex Decatur – Decatur, GA – CLOSED

THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED. I’ve been intending to eat at Big Tex Decatur, a sister restaurant to Fox Brothers barbecue, for several months. But it always seemed that when I was in Decatur, I was on the way somewhere else. When I saw them mentioned in a Tweet from @foxbrosbarbq yesterday, I made a determination […]

The Iberian Pig – Decatur, GA

Note: I’m not usually one for reading diner reviews before I go some place, but the sub-90% from Urbanspoon and the low stars in Open Table through up enough of a red flag that I did some investigation, making sure there wasn’t a “food issue”.  You’ll see references to reviews below that I don’t usually […]

Community Q – Decatur, GA

Community Q BBQ is the orphan child of Dave Poe’s and Sam’s Barbecue #1.  Back in the day, Sam (of Sam’s Barbecue #1) and Dave (of Dave Poe’s) owned Sam & Dave’s, where David (#2), of Community ‘Cue, also spent time at the barbecue pit. When Sam and Dave split up their two restaurants, David […]

No. 246 – Decatur, GA

Since July of last year, a lot of the local buzz has been about No. 246, the new offering from Ford Fry (from JCT) and Drew Belline (former chef de cuisine of Floataway Cafe).  It quickly became the new “it” restaurant and when I read that they didn’t accept reservations, I figured that we wouldn’t […]