Tavern on the Green – New York City, NY

If I recall correctly, this was actually the first day that it occurred to me to take a picture of food and where I was eating. For the years leading up to their sixteenth birthdays, I had told both of our girls that when each of them turned sixteen that I’d take them anywhere in the country that they wanted to go, just them and me. Colleen chose New York City. We went for a three day weekend, planning to come home on Sunday.

When we woke up on Sunday morning, there was twenty four inches of fresh snow on the ground and we certainly weren’t going home that day. We did, however, have lunch reservations at Tavern on the Green.

So we took the A train to 66th street and then slogged our way to lunch. The drifts were deep enough that Colleen sunk up to her hip on a couple of occasions.

After a cold walk, we set down to a Sunday brunch of an omelette for me

and ravioli for Colleen.

She ended up with part of my hash browns, and we ended up with a weekend full of great memories.

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