The Apple Pan – Los Angeles, CA

Looking back, this is the first burger place that I can find of which I took a picture – The Apple Pan in Los Angeles. Madison and I went to Los Angeles for her 16th birthday get-away. Before we left, I googled “best burger los angeles” and this was one of the places that popped up. Very limited menu and not much more seating (26 stools around a U-shaped counter).

In business since 1947, little has changed. The burgers are still served wrapped in wax paper and the counterman pours ketchup onto a paper plate. Sadly, I didn’t think, back then, to get a picture of the burger. But the apple pies are still baked fresh daily.

In August of 2011, I went back by the Apple Pan, just for the pie, after eating a burger at Marty’s. The amazing thing is the volume of pies that they prepare:

In the back right corner of the restaurant (off the right tip of the U-shaped counter) is the pie preparation area. This is through a glass window. Check out the pies.

I also got a shot of the inside from the right front corner, this time.

The Apple Pan on Urbanspoon

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