Antico Pizza Napoletana – Atlanta, GA

When Colleen was living in Home Park for the 2009-2010 school year, she heard about a new pizza place that had just opened up off Hemphill, Antico Pizza Napoleonata. The first time we went, there was virtually no seating – one butcher block table that seated 12 – 16 and some seats around the windows.

The rest of the place was all kitchen. And it was so good. These people were Italian. And they knew how to make a pizza. Over the last couple two years, the kitchen has condensed and they’ve added additional seating, at family-style tables in the front of the “old” kitchen.

That first night when we went, the cooks in the kitchen were singing along with Andrea Bocelli’s arias. And they were singing loudly! Every time we’ve go, the place has been packed, wall-to-wall, with people eating pies.

Over the last two years, Antico has been named the “best pizza” in Atlanta. That doesn’t even begin to do it justice. In September of 2010, at the international pizza awards (Festa del Pizza) in Naples, Antico was named as the best US pizza in the contest. That’s getting close to how good it is.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE this pizza?
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