Daddy Dz BBQ Joint – Atlanta, GA

About two months before we ate at Daddy Dz, I had attempted to do so, but none of my passengers were willing to get out of the car.  (I am occasionally out-voted.)

So one Thursday evening I went by for an early dinner.   With a giant pig out front, and a slogan of “We ain’t pretty, but we’re good”, how can you NOT stop in?

Inside, it is bigger than it looks from the street and nicer than I expected.

At the far end of the front room is a stage where they have live blues on some schedule, but I’ve not been there for the music.   For music and blues, I generally go to Fat Matt’s on Piedmont.

The menu at Daddy Dz is quite expansive – ribs, pork, beef, chicken, sausage, turkey.  One of the things that I always worry about on a menu on this broad is that they’ll do all things okay, but nothing particularly well.  I went with the Sampler Plate – 6 Que Wraps, 2 Ribs, Beef, Pork and a choice of a side (mac and cheese for me). 

The ribs were good, the pork and beef okay, but the Que Wraps were the interesting, and outstanding, thing here.  This is barbecue, wrapped in a light fluffy dough “fried crisp and golden”.  Imagine pigs in a blanket with pork instead of hot dogs, then deep fried and you’re on the right track.   Very, very good.
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