The Greener Burger, Rome, GA – CLOSED


Following the recent demise of Farmhouse 303, let me lament the passing of another restaurant.  On Halloween day, we were up in Rome visiting Madison and decided to try out a new place that had opened on Broad Street, downtown,  the Greener Burger.

Great concept for a restaurant.  The folks that owned it also owned a grass-fed beef farm and were supplying beef to the grocery stores in north Georgia and decided to start a restaurant featuring their own produce.  Inside, it harkened back to a 50s diner in the first room and the dining room was very nice – lots of wainscotting, etc.  There were five of us dining that night and everyone had something different – a meatloaf, a burger, a sloppy joe, and a hamburger steak were also on the table.  I had the shepherd’s pie, mac and cheese and fries.
Everyone thought their meal was excellent.  I guess  the prices were a little high for a college town and the concept a little “uppity” for a farm community, but I wish it would have made it.  We would have gone back.

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