Northgate Soda Shop, Greenville, SC

When Spring Break rolled around this year, the girls both had different weeks off from college.  One week we went with Colleen to Savannah to look for an apartment. The next week, we went with Madison to Ashevile, NC for a couple of days.  When I looked at the path up there, the Hamburger America app had a red pin in Greenville, SC.  So I grabbed my Hamburger Bible and found the spot was Northgate Soda Shop.  This place has been open since the 50s and is on their third passed-on-to-a-customer owner.  The restaurant is full of signs, memorabilia and signed 8 x 10s from the last five decades.

When the original owner sold it, he kept a table so he could come back in and “visit”.  Most every table had a brass name plate in front of the seat where the regulars sit. They are know for their house-made-pimiento-cheese burgers. (There’s a larger photo below).  Really tasty burger.  I’ve become something of a pimiento cheese snob over the last couple of years and theirs passed the test.

Northgate Soda Shop on Urbanspoon


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