Asheville, NC

The week before Savannah, we took Madison up to Asheville over her Spring Break.  On the way, we made a great burger stop at Northgate Soda Fountain in Greenville, SC.

We had three major food stops in Asheville.  The first place was Tupelo Honey, off the downtown triangle.  One of our absolute favorite places to eat in Asheville.  The wait is always long and the menu is focused on locally sourced ingredients.  This night, we sat at the counter in the back and I ordered the Cheesy Grill & Tomato Soup

“Choose one of the following sandwiches, served on Texas toast with a big mug of tomato soup or your choice of a farm fresh side:

  • Classic Grill: Double Cheddar
  • Downtown Grill: Havarti and Pimiento
  • Uptown Grill: Havarti and Cheddar” – from the menu

I went with the Downtown Grill. An EXCELLENT choice.

Tupelo Honey Cafe on Urbanspoon

Next stop, the next night, for dinner was Tingles Cafe.  This was an interesting place – checkered floor, home-made sodas, locally-sourced (again) ingredients. 

Last time we were in Asheville (July, 2011), they had not survived and the space was empty.  I was both surprised and not.  Not suprised, because there was no one there with us when we were eating, and we saw few come in and out while we were there.  Surprised, because the fried chicken was excellent.

Tingles Cafe on Urbanspoon

Third food stop, breakfast on the last morning, at Over Easy.  Over Easy is one of my favorite breakfast spots, anywhere.  We’ve been there four times in the last two years.  For me, it is the Huevos Rancheros – this creation is amazing.

Corn tortillas, black beans, farm fresh eggs, turkey bacon, homemade salsa, sour cream and avocado.

Over Easy Cafe on Urbanspoon

I’d drive the four hours back for this tomorrow.

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