Ben’s Chili Bowl – Washington, DC

March was a great burger month.  I headed up to DC on business for three nights and managed to squeeze in three burger joints.  The first was Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street.  We took a cab up from where we were staying, giving the cabbie the address.  We drove around for quite a bit, with him looking for the address.  When we finally got there, he said, “Why didn’t you just say you wanted to go to Ben’s?”  Who knew??

We went inside and found a spot at the counter.  Opened in 1958, the menu hasn’t changed much, although the hours have expanded considerably.  The crowd was mixed: business people; folks from the neighborhood; politicos and a few tourists.

We ordered burgers and fries (and a chili dog for me).  Like we’ve seen at a couple of spots in the past few years, the fries and drinks arrived first. Check out the stack of chili dogs on the waitress’ left arm!  

It was a really tasty burger and a really good chili dog.  In retrospect, I should have ordered the Chili Smoke, based on what I saw those around us ordering.

Side Note:  Sitting at the counter, we could see a 8 x 10 computer printed sign down behind the counter with five words on it, “The Obama Family” and “Bill Cosby”.  Couldn’t figure that one out.  As we checked out, you could read the entire sign:

Nobody eats free here,
except for





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  1. […] years back, I had pulled a list of great DC burger places and we had knocked Tune Inn Restaurant, Ben’s Chili Bowl and Ray’s Hell Burger off the list.  The only one remaining on my list was Rogue States […]

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