Tune Inn Restaurant – Washington, DC

The third stop in our DC burger adventure was just behind the Capitol building, the Tune Inn Restaurant.  In the same family since 1955, the thing that struck me most was the note on the menu that they hold the District of Columbia’s second oldest pouring license, dating back to 1947.  This place is a bar.  Not a restaurant, not a diner.  A true dive.

This is another place that I found in the original edition of Hamburger America.

When I was looking to see if they have a website to link, I saw on yelp that they are currently closed due to a fire.  Looking in from the door, you get a feel for the place, but it’s only when your sitting at your table, right between the beer-swigging bear

and the “deer ass”

that you get a true feel for the place (this is actually the view above, and to the right of our table).

What they seem to be most known for, at the moment, subsequent to an appearance on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, is their “Beer Battered Burger”.You take a griddled burger, dip it in beer batter and then deep fry it.  Kind of like a chicken-fried steak burger with cheese, but not quite that good.  Great experience, just a good meal.
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