Hodad’s – Ocean Beach, CA

On a west coast swing in April of 2011, we made the journey south from LA to Ocean Beach to visit Hodad’s, a true California burger stand.  Open air, just steps from the beach (approximately 79-82), with burgers served in wax paper.

(Note the bald man, in the doorway wearing a blue shirt.  It is an infrequent appearance of me in my food photos.  This is a true Rod Serling / Alfred Hitchcock moment.  Or maybe Stan Lee in a modern Marvel movie.)

I had consulted my Hamburger Bible and targeted this as place that was “close” to where we were staying for a conference.  It was “closer” to seventy-five miles of freeway from the hotel, but who’s counting other than Jo), in the quest for burger nirvana.  The center table is shaped like a giant surf board with benches down both side, while one of the booths is the front-end of 1966 VW Microbus. The menu is simple – singles, double and triples. But the secret ingredient is the bacon.  I don’t know what they do to it, but it is the piece de resistance atop this burger. Mmmmmm

Hodad's on Urbanspoon

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