Folger’s – Ada, OK

Later in April, we were in the mid-west for a visit and found out that Oklahoma is a hotbed of burger activity, at least according to Hamburger America.  In looking at the map, the closest to where we were (Davis, OK) was Folger’s Drive-Inn, up in Ada.  We made the 45 minutes drive and actually drove by the place the first time.

Walking inside, was like stepping back in time.  There were four or five three person tables, and a 12 stool counter.  But the kitchen was the killer.

Jerry and Jim Folger took over the family business, which moved into the current location in the 50s.  All in all, they’ve been in business since 1935, when their parents ran a hamburger concession at the local theater.  Jerry told us that he’d only been working there 63 years, but he was the senior employee to his brother by five years .

The menu is not terribly complicated.  Burgers, hot dogs, fries and chili added to random items.  The fridge you see is about three foot beyond the counter.  To get to the bathroom, you actually have to go BEHIND the counter, at the kitchen end, walk the length of the counter and wander down a random hallway.

The burger was actually quite mediocre, but the fries were good and the place was really cool.  My favorite picture was this one that Jo noticed of their fancy drink lid storage mechanism.
Folger's Drive-In on Urbanspoon

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