Town Topic – Kansas City, MO

Second stop, second dinner in Kansas City.  As I left Winstead’s, I headed up towards the airport and made a stopover at Town Topic.  Open for 75 years, they once had seven restaurants around town.  Now they only have three and this is the only location open 24 hours (I had driven by another that was closed).

Classic diner, stools at the long counter and along the window ledge seating, griddle at the left end.   The waitress is at the grill cooking my burger – a double with cheese.  The lady in the foreground is a freelance photographer who was working on a documentary about Town Topic.  It was an interesting crowd.  I sat at the far right end.  To my immediate left, two twenty-somethings, cut off army pants, Doc Martens, long hair and beards and full “sleeves”.  To their left, a man in his 70s in a black guyabera shirt and tan slacks, who turns out to be a retired priest.  Beyond these three, the short order cook is eating a bowl of chili.  There is a continuing conversation between all six people there.

The atmosphere was great, but what about the food?  The burger was very good.  I’m not an onion guy, but, apparently, everyone orders their burgers with onions grilled in.  The fries were tasty – Shake N Steak – like.  The amazing thing about dinner is that I managed to leave without ordering from the dessert menu.
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