Winstead’s Drive-In – Kansas City, MO

On a business trip flying into Kansas City, I had a little time to kill and decided to see what the burger choices were there.  First up, Winstead’s Drive-In, a Kansas City institution since 1940.  A classic American hamburger joint.

A simple menu: burgers, sandwiches, sides, fountain drinks and desserts.  I got there late in the afternoon and the crowd was diverse.  A table full of a high school kids.  A business meeting between a man and a woman.  A couple sharing a GIANT strawberry shake.  Two young women, waiting for their dates.  Two older women, catching up.

Very diverse crowd, all drawn together by the place.  I ordered a double with cheese and it was done well – two small patties, cooked to crusty, served piping hot.

The burger was very good.  But what really set the place apart was the drink.

I ordered a cherry limeade.  This was a thing of beauty.  Lime sherbert atop chipped ice, with cherry juice, soda, a cherry and a slice of lime.  There is only one word that I can use to describe it:


This single glass bridged the line between drinks and dessert.  I could have drank seven – I held to one.  Absolutely amazing.

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