Marty’s Hamburger Stand – Los Angeles, CA

Late in August, I had the chance to be in Los Angeles, for a day.  With a little time to kill between meeting’s end and my flight home, the opportunity to continue my quest arose.  Driving down the 405, the next logical stop was on Pico Boulevard, in West LA.  Cruising east on Pico, we drove by the Apple Pan, looking for this roadside stand from the fifties.

Open since 1958, Marty’s is “Home of the Combo”.  I’ve eaten “combos” my whole life, but never one like this. Every fast-food joints has made it a combo when you add fries and a soft drink to your sandwich.  Marty made it simple.  A “combo” is simply a hot dog and a hamburger on the same bun.  Brilliant.  This grill is right through the window on the right.As you order, they pull out a ground beef ball (measured and rolled fresh daily) and slap it on the grill, mashing it nearly flat.  And here’s the result.  My “combo” combo.

And a little closer view of the combo burger.  It was excellent.  The folks I was with both had double cheeseburgers.  In fact one went back for a hot dog, but changed his mind when we started discussing Apple Pie for desert at the Apple Pan.  It was REALLY good, too.

Marty's Hamburger Stand on Urbanspoon

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