Pollos Asados Rio Grande – Odessa, TX

As I was waiting outside Watts Burgers, I noticed the constant flow of traffic at Pollos Asados Rio Grande.  Roughly twenty cars in twenty minutes.  And since a) my burger was nothing to write home about (or to both of y’all about), b) I had two hours plus before my flight back through Dallas and c) I wouldn’t be back this way in at least three months, I ought to give it a try.

The drive-thru at this place was hopping.  I decided to go inside.  The interior was all kitchen and grill.  In front of the counter, which seated three, next to the register, there was a high top shoved against one wall.  Inside seating for six at best.  There were two guys at the high top when I got there, so I sat at the counter.

The menu was fairly simple.  Well, as simple as a Spanish menu can be, but it had REALLY big pictures.  I went with the grilled chicken.  It was served in a carry-out box with rice, beans, tortillas, lime and two kinds of sauce.

The photo above is after I prepared my plate.  Note the Manzana Lift behind the container.  Manzana Lift is an apple-flavored carbonated drink from the Coca-Cola company that is only produced in Latin America.  But with “Mexican” Coke (produced with cane sugar instead of corn syrup) being all the rage, apparently you can get other Latin American drinks in some parts of the US.  We had it the first time in the Dominican Republic several years ago and have been looking for it, on and off, ever since, in the States.

The Manzana alone made the meal a winner.  The chicken had a hint of lime and was moist, despite being grilled.  I understand why there was a line – this would be some great chicken to carry home.

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  1. […] I moved my car under the awning.  It was then that I noticed the chicken place next door – Pollos Asados Rio Grande.  There was one guy, in his truck eating at Watt’s when I arrived.  I was there for 15-20 […]

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