The Shed at Glenwood – Atlanta, GA

We went into the Shed at Glenwood, early on a Sunday evening a while back for an early dinner.  This is one of those places that I’ve been meaning to go for a while and the chance never seemed to arise.  This night, we were driving back from Decatur on I-20 and realized just how hungry we were, so I jumped on Open Table and made a reservation.  We arrived around 5:45 to a near-empty restaurant.  We started off with bacon-infused popcorn, recommended by a great waiter. Bacon-infused popcorn?  Heck, yeah!  Take a good snack and add bacon to it and what do you get?  A great starter.  The chef then sent out a “favor” for the table – a Kadjul date with mozzarella.  I don’t know that I’ve ever had a date before, but if they all taste like this, I’ll be eating more.

For the entree, I had a hard time choosing between the Kobi beef slider and the sliced venison.  I ordered the Kobi slider as an appetizer, which Jo and I split.The common problem with Kobi, to me, is that most places tend to serve it too rare, regardless of how you ask for it to be cooked.  I asked for this one medium-rare, and it was served barely over rare.  I’m fine with beef on  the pink side, but Jo doesn’t enjoy that at all. 

For the entree, I chose the roasted venison with Yukon gold potatoes and collard greens.  The venison was cooked perfectly.  Combining each bite with a fork full of mashed potatoes was a savory combination.  Definitely a place to consider when you’re on the west side of Atlanta.

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