Community Q – Decatur, GA

Community Q BBQ is the orphan child of Dave Poe’s and Sam’s Barbecue #1.  Back in the day, Sam (of Sam’s Barbecue #1) and Dave (of Dave Poe’s) owned Sam & Dave’s, where David (#2), of Community ‘Cue, also spent time at the barbecue pit. When Sam and Dave split up their two restaurants, David found a couple of partners and opened his own spot, Community Q BBQ, near Emory.

There are considerable similarities between the three but, oddly, when I looked back I haven’t blogged on the other two.  I guess I’ll do that on the next visit to those.  On the similarities, based on everything I’d read, the mac-n-cheese was the biggest commonality.  The mac-n-cheese from Dave Poe’s and Sam’s are both among my favorite sides in the city.  But how would Community Q stack up?

I went on a Thursday evening, kind of early and the place was fairly empty. By the time I left (6:45), the place was beginning to fill and the line was to the door.  They seem to do a brisk weeknight business, with most of the folks appearing to be from the neighborhood and many on a first name basis with the wait staff.

On to the ‘cue.  My first thoughts were that it was okay, but really pricey.  This combo plate:
was $14.75 (this is a rib + one meat combo).  There is chopped pork underneath the four ribs, but only enough to almost cover the toast in a really thin layer.  The chopped pork was good – smokey and moist. They have two sauces, one thick and sweet and the other thin and vinegar-based.

The fries weren’t very good, at all. Kind of over done and over seasoned. The mac-n-cheese was as good as rumored – melty and gooey and fork-licking good.  The ribs were cooked well and had a good taste.  The Community Q folks know how to handle their barbecue pit – both meats were moist and smoky, with just the right amount of char.

The biggest complaint, and what will likely keep me from returning, was the price.  I don’t mind spending good money on food, but I like to feel like I received either volume or value (in terms of the quality of the food, etc).  At Community Q, for me, it was neither.

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