Fritti – Atlanta, GA

One Friday evening, we were heading into town for dinner and I gave my dining companions a few choices – the consensus choice was Fritti.  We got there about 6:00 and were initially shown to a table against the back wall, even though the inside was fairly empty.  We asked and were moved to a table close to the entrance and saw the place fill up, from the outside in.

We started with the bruschetta – slow roasted and marinated tomato, fior di latte mozzarella and basil – and when it arrived there were three.   And there were three of us.  This dinner was off to a good start. 

The bruschetta was very good, much like a caprese on toast.  We also ordered a couple of pizzas for the table.  A “Robiola e Pesto” – goat cheese, mozzarella, sun-dried tomato and arugula pesto

and a Maialona – San Marzano tomato, hot salame, cotto ham, sausage, panchetta and black olives.  

The menu said that the pizza is certified by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association.

“Our pizza is prepared according to traditional artisanal methods.  The dough is made with 00 Caputo flour, natural yeast, and sea salt. It is baked in a 1000 ºF wood burning oven, served Italian style whole, not sliced.”

The pizzas arrived steaming hot from the oven – too hot to eat.  When they cooled a bit, they were mighty tasty.   And, given my carnivorous bent, I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the goat cheese pizza more.

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  1. […] was reasonable, but I don’t know why I’d drive there as opposed to Antico, or even Fritti, if I was in the mood for good […]

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