Beaver Creek Biscuit Company – Lithia Springs, GA

Probably the oddest things about eating at Beaver Creek Biscuit Company (featuring Turner’s Barbecue) are that I’ve lived within fifteen minutes of it for most of my life and 1) have never been there; and 2) hadn’t even heard of it until about three months ago. 

As I’ve said before, when I was a kid the barbecue of choice in my family was Wallace’s.  And, as Wallace’s barbecue isn’t really that good, we didn’t eat much barbecue growing up.   In my teenage years, my parents “discovered” Harold’s and some time when I was in college I realized that pork ribs were the finest food in the galaxy. 

My first visit was for breakfast.   Located off Thornton Road, it was easy to swing by one Friday morning and stop in for a bite.  I chose a tenderloin plate – fried tenderloin, scrambled eggs, a biscuit and sausage gravy.  The tenderloin tasted strongly of the oil in which it had been fried – a problem that seems all too frequent in these dining adventures.  The eggs were fairly bland, but the biscuit was pretty good and the sausage gravy was downright tasty.

The next visit was on a Saturday afternoon.  We were driving back through Atlanta and stopped in to get some carry-out ‘cue.  We were ordering food for three, so we ended up with ribs, a pork sandwich, some stew and fries.   When we got back to the house, we spread it out and divvied up the food.  The ladies of the house, being stew fans, shared that bowl.   They said that it was very good.   The ladies at Beaver Creek also gave us plenty of their three sauces, including their signature “seminole” sauce (the other two being sweet and hot).  I was quite a fan of their hot sauce, particularly on the ribs.The fries were skin-on, fresh-cut and deep fried.  Greasy and excellent.  The ribs were fours on a scale of one to five and far better than any of the local rib competition.  I wouldn’t hesitate to bring those ribs home again.

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