The Steak House – Rockmart, GA

This Saturday evening, we were meeting the Coolest Journey Group Ever at the Steak House in Rockmark.   Jo and I had been there a couple of times over the last three years, after hearing some folks talk about it.  In fact, it is like a standing Abbott & Costello routine. 

“What’s the name of the place?” 

“The Steakhouse in Rockmart?


“The Steakhouse in Rockmart.”

“What’s it’s name?” 

“What’s name?” 

“The Steakhouse in Rockmart.” 


But that’s all there is to it.  You drive through the city of Rockmart on 278, heading towards Alabama.   There’s an odd turn, across the railroad track and a very small sign.  You drive a short distance and turn right onto a house lined street.  Take a left at the fork and drive for a mile or so, houses on the left, pasture on the right.   Then you see the parking lot.   You’re there. 

Inside, it’s obviously a converted farm house, to which additional rooms have been added.  The waitresses are all locals and the service is okay, but not noteworthy.  

Pardon the darkness – my flash was turned off.

I ordered a Cajun style ribeye (it turned out to be blackened) with a baked potato.  The steak was good – comparable to Longhorn.  It’s no Ruth’s Chris’ or Bones, but neither of them is in the middle of a pasture in the middle of nowhere.  (Technically, the original Ruth’s Chris’ is in Lafayette, which is just south of the middle of nowhere, but I digress).  The prices are fair (basically a dollar an ounce on the larger steaks) and the sides are large.

Sometimes being miles from the competition is a great strategy to succeed.

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  1. I like to see menus b4 I go somewhere and can’t find yours

    1. Thanks for the comment. I generally choose not to include a photo of the menu, as they often change, daily or weekly. I do always try to include a link to the restaurant’s web site where they’ll often post the current menu(s).

  2. […] In fact, the only non-chains once you leave Rome (when we realized we were hungry) and home are the Steak House, a couple of Mexican restaurants and the Pizza Farm.  I gave the choice to my beloved and she […]

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