Singleton’s Seafood Shack – Mayport, FL

On the way back to the Jacksonville airport from a meeting in Southeast Georgia, we had plenty of time to stop for dinner.  The last time that we were making this swing (on a trip that included the Gold House and St. Mary’s Seafood and More), we discussed going to Singleton’s Seafood Shack but realized that we just didn’t have enough time before the return flight.

Tonight, we had plenty of time, so we dropped off I-95 and headed toward Mayport Naval Air Station, FL, through Amelia Island.  We may have sped along the back roads so that we could make the 4:45 ferry across the St. Johns River, but we pulled into the ferry parking lot with two minutes to spare.  We took the short ferry ride (5-7 minutes) across the river and, basically, pulled into the parking lot of Singleton’s.  It was the first turn out of the parking lot on the other side of the intra coastal waterway.

20120815-175656.jpgThe first thing that I noticed as we walked through the front door, was the fresh fish, to my right, in front of the kitchen.  Tables spread out in four directions, as this place seemed to have been added on to over the years.  And the bare wooden floor slanted down, toward the water.   It actually undulated, making getting a table not to rock must have been someone’s full time job.

The waitress showed us to a table on the left side (near the entrance to the model ship museum).  I ordered the trigger fish (blackened) with french fries and black beans over white rice (which was served with a ton of scallions). 

The trigger fish was excellent and, once I eliminated all the scallions, the black beans and rice were a perfect complement.

My companions ordered: a grilled trigger fish and fried shrimp combo with a baked potato and slaw; and

a grilled scallop and trigger fish combo with greens and potato salad.We all cleaned our plates.  The seafood was fresh caught, as much as possible, and these people definitely knew how to prepare it.  I was really quite full from dinner, but when I saw the dessert choices,

I finished the meal off with a slice of key lime pie which was absolutely heavenly. 

Jo and I had been to Amelia Island before, but mainly to the major hotel area.  The drive to the ferry took us through a very scenic side of the Island with plenty of opportunities for kayaking through the marshes and lowlands.

I may have to make a trip back to St. Mary’s.  And it might be just for the pie.

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