Crystal Beer Parlor – Savannah, GA

In the same Southern Living’s Georgia Living insert that listed their “10 Favorite Burger Spots”, and that sent me to A & A Restaurant & Convenience in Allentown, they mentioned two spots in Savannah, Crystal Beer Parlor and Green Truck Pub.   It appeared that the Green Truck was the closest to our travel path, but when we got there, we found that they are closed on both Sunday and Monday. 

I had first eaten at the Crystal Beef Parlor in 1980, when we were in Savannah on a high school trip.  For the past thirty years, I’d occasionally think about the open-faced roast beef sandwich I had eaten there and that I needed to go back.   But I didn’t get to Savannah much and I always had other places to go when I got there. 

Now that our oldest has moved to Savannah, we’re down there more often with a chance to sample other places.  Cut to present day:  I ordered a bacon cheeseburger.  This was one of the best looking burgers that I’ve received in a while.But, it was just okay – the bacon wasn’t great, the tomato wasn’t ripe, the fries were fair, at best, and they didn’t mention that they’d be defiling my plate with a pickle.  It was fine, but there are plenty of Georgia burgers that deserve more to be tasted by the masses.

Hopefully, we’ll get to the Green Truck Pub in the near future.  (On a side note, we tried the Green Truck on a Saturday in December, intending to watch a football game while we dined with friends.  We beat them there, realized that the place was packed, with a wait for a table and that they didn’t have TVs and were forced to move on, foiled, yet again.)
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