Watershed on Peachtree – Atlanta, GA

On a Saturday morning, as we lazed around the house, we decided to head toward the city for brunch.  I consulted Open Table looking for a spot, and grabbed a noon table for two at Watershed.  We’ve been fans of Watershed for years, but we hadn’t been since they moved downtown.   We actually drove by the restaurant and had to do a quick u-turn on Peachtree to pull down the side road which allowed us to pull up in the back.

We started with pimiento cheese toast (with ham hocks).The pimiento cheese toast was excellent – thin sliced bread toasted crispy. The only complaint was that there wasn’t more of it.

Jo ordered the coconut pancakes with coconut maple syrup.  She said that it was decadent – like eating an entire coconut cake for breakfast.

I went with the steak and eggs, served with chimichurri sauce and diced potatoes.  It was hearty.  And tasty. I’ve read several comments about Watershed since their move down town, mostly about the changes to the menu and the move of Fried Chicken from Tuesday nights to Wednesdays.

Looking at the dinner menu, it doesn’t look terribly innovative, but seems solid throughout, with many choices.  The waitstaff seemed more snide than I recall in Decatur, but maybe it’s part of the new space – a new attitude.  But the brunch menu was refreshing.
Watershed on Peachtree on Urbanspoon

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