Holeman & Finch Public House – Atlanta, GA

About a week ago, after church when we had zero chance of getting there before the crowds, it occurred to me just how long it had been since we had been to Holeman & Finch Public House for their fabulous burgers, so we made plans to go today.  When we arrived about 11:15 (they open at 11:30), the line was already worming its way down the sidewalk.

IMG_4209I dropped off Jo at the door and we went to park.   When we got back, we endured the brisk winds for another ten minutes or so, then went inside.  

Why in the world would anyone wait outside, in the wind and cold, for brunch?   It’s quite simple – the burger.  It even has its own page on their web site.  It is complicated by the fact that they don’t take reservations.

IMG_4210During the week, they only serve twenty-four burgers a night, starting at 10:00 pm, partly due to the size of the kitchen (above).  This leads to quite a crowd on Sundays, when the burgers are served on the brunch menu (below).

IMG_4212As you can see, the menu is fairly limited, but the star gets top billing.  I talked with the bartender (we ended up sitting at the bar, as the few tables were filled by those ahead of us in line) and asked him some questions about how busy they were.  He said that they start preparations for the burgers at 10:00 and that they’re crowded until after 1:30 (they serve brunch until 3:00).

IMG_4213We started with a pimiento cheese appetizer, which was very good.   It was so dense that the thin crackers kept breaking trying to dip in it.

IMG_4214And then arrived the burgers.  The only complaint I could raise about this meal was the quickness with which the burgers arrived.  I know they were trying to get the crowds pushed through, but they arrived two minutes after the appetizer.  We were FORCED to eat them at the same time.

The burger is the crowing glory of this menu.  When we first visited, back in late 2010, they would not alter the burger (it is served with pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard).  Being a fan of neither pickles nor onions, I accepted that fact and ordered mine with both and took them off when it came to the table.  While we were eating, I heard the waitress at the high top behind us taking an order for a burger “cheese only”, so apparently, they’ve relaxed their stringent “get-it-the-way-we-make-it” attitude.

IMG_4215This is definitely one of the best burgers in the city.  A double-patty beauty, smothered in cheese.  You need to get there to have on, when you get the chance.

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