Six Feet Under – Atlanta, GA

IMG_4177Looking back, I can’t believe that I haven’t written about Six Feet Under.  We used to eat there quite regularly, at the original location across from Oak Lawn Cemetery (hence the name), in Grant Park.   A couple of years back they moved down the street (Tin Lizzy is in their old location) into new digs and, subsequently, they opened a second location on 11th street, off Howell Mill.   We’ve eaten at the West Midtown location frequently over the last two years as our oldest finished up at Georgia Tech and this Saturday afternoon, we made a return visit.

They bill themselves as a fish house, and Jo has eaten their catfish fingers, but I’ve never partaken of the fruits of the sea there. 

At the beginning of my burger quest, I thought that Six Feet Under had one of the best burgers in Atlanta.  It is a really good burger – I’d include it on a top twenty list any day.

And they make a mean bowl of tortilla soup.

But the chicken fingers…

IMG_4178 One day, our youngest ordered them and I think I’ve ordered them every time that I’ve been back since.  They’re my current favorite chicken finger in the city – lightly battered and fried, remaining moist and tender on the inside.  

The only complaint that I can think of about the food there is that they serve Hunt’s Ketchup <g>.

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