Bantam + Biddy – Atlanta, GA

I remember hearing about the opening of Shaun Doty (formerly of Shaun’s / currently of Yeah Burger) and Lance Gummere’s (formerly of the Shed at Glenwood) Bantam + Biddy some months back, but had forgotten about it until I read an article about Scoutmob’s anticipated 2013 restaurant openings.  They’re opening another organic local-poultry place at Atlantic Station this year and we hadn’t even been to the “old” one yet.


Today seemed like a good day for some chicken.  They refer to the style as fast casual – a step between fine dining and fast food.  They’re located in Ansley Mall, on the Monroe Drive side.  There is a patio for outside seating, in addition to the dining room and bar area – we were seated at a two top along the front windows.  They open for breakfast at 8:00 and serve from the breakfast menu until 1:00 on the weekends, so Jo had breakfast and I had lunch.

She started with the broiled grape fruit, tempted by the idea. We asked our waiter (who strongly resembled Levar Burton or, as he is also known, “that Reading Rainbow guy”) if it was thrown on the grill.  He said that they placed it in the Salamander – typically a broiler with overhead infrared heating elements (I learned about these on the new show Burger Land, last weekend).


When it came to the table, it had been cut into sixths and there was a bit of caramelized brown sugar in the center.  Oddly, it wasn’t warm.

I started with the daily special, venison chili


which was very hearty.  Big chunks of venison, like you’d see in a beef stew, with beans and a thick sauce, topped with sour cream.

Jo ordered the Southern – scrambled eggs, grits, jalapeno cheddar toast with pimiento cheese and bacon.  Oh, the bacon!  This may be my favorite new bacon in town – it’s thick sliced, but they don’t overcook it and it is delicious.  I went with the Sunday special fried chicken, with two sides. 20130106-135201.jpgI chose the aged cheddar mac-N-cheese and the goat fat French fries, served with the same jalapeno cheddar toast.  The chicken was fried with a thick crispy skin and the leg was the whitest dark meat chicken I’ve ever had.  The chicken breast was moist and tender.

The goat fat fries were, to use the words of the lady at the table beside us, “bleh”, but otherwise, the meal was excellent.  

I’ll have to go back soon and try the rotisserie chicken or pork tenderloin.

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