Table 33 (formerly Crepe Revolution) – Smyrna, GA


I remember reading about Crepe Revolution last spring, in the Atlanta Magazine Cheap Eats edition, and had put it on “the list”, but had never made it by for a meal. Today when we were making a brunch/lunch choice, with a later shopping destination in Marietta, was the perfect opportunity. Located right off 285 on S. Atlanta Road, we pulled in by the Starbucks and couldn’t find the sign. Odd. Then we saw the giant chalkboard out front and realized we were in the right spot.


In the lower level of a three story commercial / residential development, you enter into the center of the restaurant, kitchen straight ahead, with seating to both sides. (The view above is to the left.) There’s also a bar to the back right. The menu is a mix of crepes, omelettes, soups and sandwiches. We were there for the crepes.

Jo chose the Monte Christo (ham, chicken, cheddar, raspberry sauce and honey dijon, topped with powdered sugar):


with a cup of butternut squash soup (in the background) as a side (choices were home fries, side salad, pasta salad or soup). I would have rejected it outright due to the presence of Dijon, but it was surprisingly tasty. The soup was thick and, as evidenced by the emptiness of the cup returned to the kitchen, delicious.

I had the chicken cordon bleu (grilled chicken, egg, swiss cheese, sliced ham and bacon)


which was then fried (resulting in something like a breakfast chimichanga), and topped with a jalapeño sour cream sauce, with a side of home fries. It was good, very much like a croque monsieur, but not as tasty as Jo’s Monte Christo. I think a more flavorful cheese might have given it more “oomph”. The home fries were not particularly remarkable.

I fell in love with crepes when we were in Paris, a decade ago, and have been constantly looking for that “taste” ever since. I was particularly fond of the strawberry, Jo the Nutella. We asked our server, who had been spot-on in recommending the Monte Christo, what was the best strawberry crepe choice (that didn’t include chocolate). She told us the “hot strawberry”


which arrived “warm”, not “hot”. It was fine, but not worth the calories, even though we were splitting it.

Table 33 was definitely a different choice and I think it merits a return visit.

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