White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails – Atlanta, GA

20130125-122342.jpg(A quick review):

Looking for a place to meet a couple of folks for lunch in-town, I pulled up their work address on the map, zoomed in and checked out the restaurants in close proximity.  White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails showed up.  The name had been on my radar for a couple of months, so I confirmed their acceptance of the place and made a reservation.

As I pulled closer to the address, I realized that I knew exactly where it was – I have a broker I work with who offices next door.  Which made where to park an easy choice (always a challenge downtown) and I walked the short block and a half in a light drizzle.  Arriving early, it was empty, so I waited by the front windows and checked some emails.  The front of the restaurant (facing Peachtree Street) is all bar and floor-to-ceiling windows.  20130125-122413.jpgI didn’t think to ask the hostess how active the bar got, but I can imagine that this could be a lively end-of-workday bar scene.  When my lunch companions arrived, we were shown to our table.  The first thing I noticed was the high, high ceilings.  The second thing that I noticed was the odd pairing of the sides and entrees on the menu.  


I ordered the fried chicken, which was served with pickled vegetables, green garlic grits and red-eye gravy. 

The fried chicken itself was good, but I didn’t care for the sides.  I think we need to head back one evening for dinner.
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