Burger Up – Nashville, TN


I heard about Burger Up in the USA Today 51 Burger Joints Across the USA article.  It said,

“Known for local beef and organic fare from area farms, the new Burger Up in Nashville is based on “thoughtful consumerism.” 

Feeling the hot chicken hangover from Prince’s Hot Chicken, organic fare sounded pretty good….

We arrived about 6:00 and there were already people sitting outside (check out the hottie in the photo above).  Jo put our name in and they said it would be about half an hour.  We looked over the menu and were pleasantly surprised when they called our name in less than ten minutes.


As we were waiting, we could see that the place was packed.  The interior was very open with high ceilings and the outside wall was lined with  a long bench seating one half of parties of two and four.  The middle had picnic type tables for large parties or communal dining.

Looking over the menu, they’re big proponents of farm-to-table.  There’s a line at the bottom that says “we support farmers who care about their animals and farms.”   That sounds like a good motto.

Jo chose the Marathon – a quinoa and black bean burger, served with lettuce, tomato, red onion and a cilantro lime creme fraiche.


She seemed to really enjoy the burger – it was one of those few vegetarian burgers that didn’t completely fall apart.  In other words, it “acted like” a real burger.

I went with the Woodstock (Benton’s bacon, Tennessee sweetwater white cheddar, Jack Daniels maple ketchup)


The pimiento cheese seems to have been made with white cheddar and was most excellent.  The Jack Daniels ketchup was okay, but I would have preferred Heinz.   The burger itself was very good.  If we lived in, or near, Nashville, Burger Up would be in the regular rotation.

Burger Up on Urbanspoon


  1. George Sargent · · Reply

    Thanks for the recommendation. We ate there this past week while in Nashville for our anniversary.
    The burger I had was top rate but the best part of the meal was the cheddar pimento cheese appetizer.

    1. You’re very welcome. Glad y’all enjoyed it.

  2. Haha Burger Up is a Farm Burger wannabe. They are just banking on all of the ‘green, organic, local’ thing. I’m glad you had a good experience but I’m a little surprised given how many times I’ve tried to love it.

    1. Maybe we just got lucky on our visit? I do like the “sit and order” as opposed to counter service. We’ll try Burger Up again this year and see what we think.

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