Black and Orange – Washington, DC

IMG_4802In DC for a business meeting, I decided to blow off the cocktail party and go for a walk – to the Jefferson Memorial.  In all of the years that I’ve been traveling to the Capitol, I have been fortunate enough to see most of the monuments except for those on the southern-most side of the National Mall.   Seven and half miles, two hours, the Jefferson Memorial, the King Memorial and the FDR Memorial later, I found myself walking back past the White House and getting hungry.  

A couple of years back, I had pulled a list of great DC burger places and we had knocked Tune Inn Restaurant, Ben’s Chili Bowl and Ray’s Hell Burger off the list.  The only one remaining on my list was Rogue States (from the US Today article):

Burger joints are popping up all over D.C., and Rogue States tends to fly under the radar.  The patties, grilled over mesquite and set on brioche buns, are standouts.  Try the eatery’s namesake burger, seasoned with cilantro and chipotles, or the Asian-accented Now & Zen with ginger and green onions.  It’s open until 5 a.m.

However, when I searched for them on-line to get the address before I left the hotel, I found that they had closed.  When I looked on-line for the best burgers in DC, Black and Orange Burger kept popping up. IMG_4797The address was the same as I had for Rogue States, and as I asked questions, I got more of the story – Rogue States had closed because of a ventilation issue with the office building above them.  When they resolved the issue (after installing new venting), they opened with a new name – representing the orange flame leaping off the black steel grill.  As it was kind of late when I got there, getting a table was no issue and, from the counter above, I ordered a heavyweight, No Burger, No Cry (house jerk blend, habanero peppers and red onions) burger with cheese and bacon and a side of fries. The burgerIMG_4801was cooked to an excellent medium and the cheese was melted evenly across the top.  Their burgers are made in both welterweight (quarter pound) and heavyweight (half pound) sizes and are prepared by mixing other ingredients in with the beef, prior to cooking.

The fries were amazing –   IMG_4800a crunchy crust with a moist inside.  And there were enough of them in the cup to last through the burger.  Overall, it was good dinner and reasonably priced (for DC).

Black and Orange Burger on Urbanspoon

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