Audry’s Neighborhood Cafe and Grill – Dallas, GA


As we prepared to head out of town for the weekend, I took the opportunity of being off work to stop by the county tag office and get the renewals for a couple of vehicles. As it was early and we were in need of food for the journey, we stopped by Audry’s, in Dallas, for breakfast. At some point last year, a friend of ours asked me if I’d eaten there, as her son eats breakfast there a good bit. We had not, but I stored it in my mind for a future visit.

When we arrived, it was late for breakfast and there were only a couple of tables occupied. It is a seat yourself and wait for the server kind of place, and we weren’t seated long before the waitress showed up with menus. This is the view from our table –

you can see the biscuit menu on the wall and just out of view, at the right edge of the picture, is the drive-thru window. After surveying the choices, I decided on the full monty of food, scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and hash browns, IMG_5054

with a side (technically an order) of biscuits of gravy.

The bacon was at that perfect edge where crispy meets not over-cooked (a difficult line to walk) and the eggs and hash browns were okay (think Denny’s). But the gravy was excellent – as good as I’ve eaten in a long while. When I commented on the excellent gravy to our server, she said that was because Ms Audry made it, herself. Sure enough, when I looked back into the kitchen as I was paying, I could see her standing over the stove, talking with a younger woman about frying chicken.

I had noticed the whiteboard with daily lunch specials written on it (classic meat-and-three fare) while we were waiting, and made a mental note that I need to go back for lunch, maybe on a Sunday, in the near future.
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